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Cause of War 1944
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[Model]Colt M1911

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[Model]Colt M1911 Empty [Model]Colt M1911

Post by domis4TheOriginal on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:58 pm

[Model]Colt M1911 M1911tex

Colt M1911 (inspired by Battlefield 3)

a gun i modelled for Kurok, but would also be fun to use in CoW1944.
The iron-sights are perfectly (almost) aligned to the crosshair dot in Kurok.
[Model]Colt M1911 M1911tex_iron

about the Gun:

  • 20 Frame animation
  • 756 Tris count
  • Handcrafted Texture 480x480px

my idea of licensing this model is: "do the f**k you want with it, as long as you mention me" Smile

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